This blog will feature commentary on examples featured in the readings associated with Algorithmic and Data Art at St. John Fisher College.  Here’s the assignment:

Art Blog

P1 Goal #1: Students will discern how design or form influences meaning.

Students will contribute to a class blog (10 of 12 entries), choosing one example of new media art from each reading and discussing it with the following considerations:

  • Form: what are its physical characteristics.  How does the art stimulate the senses.  (What do you see?  What do you hear?  What do you feel?)
  • Media: on what platform was it created
  • Meaning(s): What can the viewer/user take from the artwork
  • Cultural Meaning: What broader ideas about race, class, gender, mechanization, economics, politics, can we take from the work?
  • Your view: do you think the work is ultimately effective?

Title your posts with a phrase descriptive of the artwork.  Tag your post with a phrase or word that describes the reading and is consistent with your classmates.