Chris Jordan – “Plastic Bottles”

“Plastic Bottles”, a work by Chris Jordan, is comprised of a digitally-constructed image of approximately two million plastic bottles. The number is significant in that it is the artist’s estimate for how many plastic bottles are used in the US every minute. From a distance the piece almost appears to be an image of static or some other sort of impressionistic visualization. Only upon close inspection does the image’s true nature become clear. The most obvious meaning that can be taken from the piece is a criticism of consumerism. The sheer number of bottles represented in the piece is only a fraction of what people use every day. However, there is an intrinsic aesthetic value to the piece as well, taking something that most would consider to be waste matter (and environmentally damaging waste matter at that) and presenting it in a way that is oddly appealing.



Chris Jordan – “Plastic Bottles”

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