Mez Breeze’s Code Poetry “mezangelle”

The artwork “mezangelle” isn’t an artwork so much as it is a digital language created through the Internet. The language was created by Mez Breeze and used originally in early chat rooms. Mez would take the responses to messages and mix them up. Even the word “mezangelle” has been broken up and is sometimes written as m[ez]ang.elle. In this writing, the word can have multiple means based on how the reader chooses to read the punctuation. Her works focus on using HTML coding and ASCII coding along with a multitude of other devices in order to recreate poetry. She takes a post-modern approach to the deconstruction of language, using the Internet as her forum.

What Mez Breeze was trying to do with her language was show how easy it is to create a new one. Languages are often set in stone. They have a standard, “proper” version and then a slang version that is more common. Mez Breeze was trying to break up what might have been the beginning of a “proper” chat language. She was creating a slang within a slang and effectively demonstrating that all language is arbitrary. She showed that it was simple to create another language, all you needed were people willing to speak it.

However, Mez Breeze may have missed that most languages are the way they are due to social contract. People in certain places agree to all speak a certain way so that they can all understand each other. Mez Breeze’s idea of making a new language to show how arbitrary language is might have been more effective if a standard chat language was in place.

Mez Breeze’s Code Poetry “mezangelle”

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