Challanges of Digital preservation

Roberta Friedman and Grahame Weinbren, The Erl King (1982-5)

A combination of Sigmund Freud psychoanalitics and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s poetry, this interactive video loads graphics, text, video, and audio files in order to create a narrative cinema. The idea of a dream becoming showable or physically interactive through intervention makes up this piece. The art was actually re-created with new technology and used a VM emulator in order to replicate the lag timings and code processing which the original artist created it.

The importance of the re-creation of art being identical to the original piece is that even subtle changes can create drastic interpretive effects. So in order to maintain the same meaning and feel of the artwork the delay in coding execution and periods of lag must be replicated exactly.

Challanges of Digital preservation

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