Man Bartlett’s #24hEcho


#24hEcho is an social media driven installation that was made and performed by Man Bartlett in 2010. Man Bartlett is a social media artist, he utilizes multiple sites and applications to conduct pieces or art. This installation consisted of Bartlett sitting on his computer for 24 hours and rewrote every tweet that had the hashtag #24hEcho. This installation was made on two mediums, in the physical world and the world-wide web. People could go see him in person to watch this piece or they could follow the feed of Bartlett. This piece give the viewer or the participator a feeling of recoil or “Echo”. It helps them realize that when they send a tweet it just does not end or go nowhere. Bartlett sent everyone their tweet back to show that everything that is posted goes somewhere for someone to read. It made Twitter that much more interactive as he acted like an auto reply machine.

Man Bartlett’s #24hEcho

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