Mark Napier | net.flag

net.flag is a web application currently owned by the Guggenheim and designed by Mark Napier that allows users to create a variety of different flag designs based on their own personal preferences. The work is hosted on a web page and accessible to virtually anyone. The idea is that the interactivity and connectivity of the internet allows for the erosion of cultural and geographical barriers. In this way the “flag of the internet” is not merely one design, but a multitude of designs unique to each inhabitant of the greater web nation. I feel the work is effective in accurately conveying the decentralization and individualization that  internet access has begun to foster. There is no authority as to who flag is superior or “official”. The internet is the new great equalizer, melding voices from different backgrounds regardless of distance, giving everyone a voice, and even the smallest groups or individuals the power to make an impact.

Mark Napier | net.flag

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