Pockets Full of Memories by George Legrady

Pockets Full of Memories was created by George Legrady between 2003-6. It was a installation that involved a data collection kiosk and addressed notions of the archive, memory and audience involvement in the production of digital works. He involved the audience in the development of the database. He did this by inviting them to scan their personal items and then ponder the concept of a communal archive and the way in which collective memory functions. people took digital photos of objects and then labeled them with keywords or tags. These keywords or tags are what is known as ‘metadata’. This art work symbolizes the capacity of digital technologies to democratize the creation and distribution of art. The views of this artwork were active participants in and contributors to the installation. It shows how digital art practices can catalyze a shift from the creator’s absolute control of the art object to a joint responsibility for the artwork that is negotiated between creator and participant.


Pockets Full of Memories by George Legrady

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