Jason Salavon | “Color Wheel”

Investigation of Salavon’s other work Everyday Playboy Centerfold led me to his website where I discovered <Color> Wheel. The piece is essentially a basic ROYGBV color wheel created from thousands of images sourced from the Bing Image search. Salavon simply queried the corresponding color terms and downloaded as much as he could from each result. The resulting work is purely visual, with no other kind of sensory input or interaction involved. It could be taken as a view of the world through the unbiased and apathetic “eyes” of an inanimate index. Search engines compile and return only what people give them, and the composition of <Color> Wheel is suitably varied as a result. A query for a keyword as simple as “blue” returns everything from ocean water to pornography. The questions presented are many and multifaceted: What do these results say about us and our technologies? Are the algorithms we rely on to navigate the digital world too broad, or does that diversity serve to illuminate the breadth of our capacity to interpret and classify information? I think the piece is extremely subtle and effective in this regard. It addresses very contemporary ideas and conveys them through the most basic of artistic devices. ColorWheel_MMG12_mEdit1_jWeb_1

Jason Salavon | “Color Wheel”

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