“Liquid Views- Narcissus’s Mirror” by Monika Fleischmann & Wolfgang Strauss

This artwork is a video of two different people looking at their reflection in a small pool of water created by a touch screen. The participants stand hunched over the poor and are left to their own devices as to what they do with the pool. The background noises of the video sound like water dripping and this combined with the blue background gives the watcher the feeling of being underwater. The image of the participant in the water is projected over the video, so both perspectives are seen at once and so anyone watching a live performance sees the reflection of the participant.

I believe that the two creators are trying to make a comment about Narcissism and how it relates to society as a whole. The participants are fascinated by their image in the water and how it can be manipulated at their whim. The artwork is trying to connect that line between virtual worlds created by humans and the natural world that already exists.

I think it is ultimately effective because of the ability to manipulate the mirror. If it had just been a static surface, participants may not have stayed to look at themselves so long. But the mirror is dynamic and gives the participant to choose how it’s controlled. The user is given more power and might take the time later to reflect about the connections between technology, virtual reality and narcissism.

“Liquid Views- Narcissus’s Mirror” by Monika Fleischmann & Wolfgang Strauss

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