Legible City – Jeffrey Shaw

The physical characteristics of Jeffrey Shaws Legible City is in its own class. It is a simulation of of many things – one of my personal favorite simulations in this piece is the simulation of riding a bike through Manhattan or even Amsterdam. The platform for Legible City is a stationary bicycle with a screen. The bicycle serves as your platform to ride a bike through these citites. The user can take a beautiful display from this and appreciate these cities through a different view. I personally believe this piece says a lot about the working class in New York City. Many people use bikes to travel to work, the store, or even just to travel around the city for sight seeing. Bikes are such an enormous piece of New York City that this piece does give that deeper meaning behind it rather than “riding a bike in a city” – I believe this piece is very effective in portraying a small piece of how hectic life in NYC truly is.

Legible City – Jeffrey Shaw

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