Eau d’Artifice (1990)


Eau d’Artifice (1990) is an installation that features 35 video monitors stacked into a circular pyramid. These monitors present images and sounds of flowing water in order to construct an electronic fountain within the gallery.

This work demonstrates the coming together of the electronic and digital with the natural. The monitors and video are the digital world, while the running water symbolizes the natural world. These two ideas come together into one unique work. Visitors to the gallery space are encouraged to interact with the monitors featured within this digital work in the same way they would interact with a normal fountain. This encouraged interaction is significant in that it demonstrates how the digital world and the natural world can be similar to one another.

Ultimately, I think this work is successful in that it is not only aesthetically pleasing but it also presents a deeper meaning to the viewer. I think that the concept of utilizing digital and electronic means to recreate something from the natural world (running water) is a very interesting concept as it demonstrates the differences as well as the similarities of the two.

Eau d’Artifice (1990)

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