Nam June Paik’s “TV Garden” (1974)


TV Garden by Nam June Paik connects the digital world with the natural world. This installation surrounds the viewer as they walk through a garden of plants that are “growing” all different size television sets. The viewer is able to move about the room as they please and discover what each television displays. Nam June Paik made it so each television set is playing a different video and playing different audio tracks. This creates an overwhelming effect of audio and flashing visuals. This installation uses a large room, multiple television set that vary in size and shape and fake plants. This experience shows how older technology can be seen as almost obsolete. There are strong vibes of industrialization roots coming through this piece. I see how this installation can really pull in the view and create a unique experience that comes from the visual and audio displays.     

Nam June Paik’s “TV Garden” (1974)

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