Feng Mengbo’s “Long March: Restart”

First I would like to start by saying I have always had a strong appreciation for a good video game. A game which could make you feel as if you are actually living the actual life of the animated player such as Call of Duty (a first person shooter game about war) or Grand Turismo (a high impact racing game). Feng Mengbo’s “The March: Restart” does an excellent job or portraying the real life user experience. By using two large displays the user feels the real life interaction that I personally appreciate more than the context of the game. The user can feel as if he is actually in the game in this piece. “Feng’s protagonist shoots coca-cola cans at his enemies against a surreal mash-up backdrop of everything from American flags to Communist big-character slogans, all while appropriating the textures and patterns of retro 2D video games” (http://hyperallergic.com/15898/feng-mengbo-long-march/). Feng is also using his techniques in this game to portray instances from 1950’s politics by using items like coke cans. I think that this piece is very effective as a interactive form of art hidden through a video game.

Feng Mengbo’s “Long March: Restart”

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