Feng Mengbo’s Long March: Restart (2009)


This installment is a very physical and visual piece that full incorporates the users and the audience. The physical aspect comes into effect due to the users ability to play the game via a wireless remote. Visual stimulation comes in when the the game is being projected onto two massive 80 foot long digital walls. The player had to walk with the character in the game as they moved through he 14 levels. The game was based on the oil paintings named Long March from the Chinese military campaign lead by Mao Zedong in the 1930’s. Feng made the game to closely resemble Mario with the level layout, block art and 2D animation. He also incorporated other aspects from famous video games such as Metal Gear and Alien. Coca Cola was placed into the game in many times in the background as a subtle shout out, and the main character uses Coca Cola cans as grenades/his main us of attack. This piece seems to play with the late ideas of Communist China and the reign of the Red Army. It is a way to look back at something that is seen as a blemish in China’s history and add a fun spin with multiple culture references.       

Feng Mengbo’s Long March: Restart (2009)

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