Victoria Vesna’s Bodies INCorporated

Victoria Vesna’s work is mostly silent, unless you should choose to have your body make sound. The art is created as a black and white website with a body and spinning, detached head hovering below the logo of “Bodies INCorporated.” The body is made as a conglomeration of parts, all in different colors and textures.

While going through the site, there’s a weird sense of responsibility. As the user, you’re “ordering” a body that is specified to your decisions based on what you choose through drop down menus. It feels like you’re signing a contract, and the style of the site gives a feeling of trepidation to sighing this contract. The site has a very dystopian/sci-fi feel to it which adds to the uneasiness.

The artwork is designed to point out an tendency for American’s to want to protect what they’ve created. The site stresses that what you’ve created is yours alone and no one can steal credit for the body you have made. There is also the undertone of businesses not taking responsibility for things they do and putting all blame on the end user. The disclaimer mentions many things that the “business” isn’t responsible for, including if viewing your body causes your computer issues.

The site is a comment about responsibility both corporate and human in general. The business is handing over full responsibility to the user, who can now choose to take care of their body or kill it for a new one. The site is wondering who is responsible for life in general. Are the individuals responsible or is there responsibility to the found in other places?

The artwork is effective in making the users feel uneasy about what exactly they are doing. It also is effective in bring responsibility for life to the forefront of the user’s attention. They now have this body and must make the moral choice about how to take care of it. Or they can refuse and kill it off. The choice is all up to the user, not the company.

Victoria Vesna’s Bodies INCorporated

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