Robert Barry’s “Telepathic Piece”

Telepathic Piece by Robert Barry consists of a chain of thoughts about an artwork communicated to the exhibition by the artist. During Barry’s exhibition he tried to communicate telepathically a work of art. This is an example of conceptual artwork. When it comes to conceptual artwork the characteristics that exhibit are evanescence, irony, satire, and self-reflexiveness. Because all of the artwork is done telepathically there is a different feeling the author wants to portray. When most art has a feeling to it doing it telepathically is much harder. What the author wants the viewer to take away is how he feels about the artwork telepathically. By doing the artwork he is telling the viewer a story telepathically without writing out the story. Using simple words and simple phrases is how he portrays the artwork. Doing the work makes you take away so much more than a normal piece. You take away knowledge from someone who could be economically, politically, and even a different gender than you. It is effective because it is making the view look through different eyes rather than their own.

Robert Barry’s “Telepathic Piece”

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