Joey Holder’s Digital Baroque (2012)

Photovoltaics_zpsfa43e3d2Digital Baroque (2012) is an exhibition crafted by British artist Joey Holder. This exhibition features a series of abstract images, including both analogue paintings and digital renderings. The abstractions feature ideas and renderings from biology, natural history as well as nanotechnology. These two types of abstractions appear side by side to depict a deeper meaning by demonstrating the separation between the artificial and organic. Artificial and Organic elements seem so different, so why is it that they are able to be mixed together into one art exhibition? Yes, there is a noticeable separation between what is artificial and what is organic, but there also exists a certain harmony between them as well, it all depends on the unique meaning that the viewer derives from the exhibition.

This separation and harmony also exists within the world in a social sense. There is a noticeable separation between the classes, especially the middle, and upper classes, however, although this separation exists, there is also a harmony because without the no class will be successful without the other.

Ultimately, I believe that this work is effective as the separation between artificial and organic exists, but they also work well together in some aspects as we experience both artificial and organic elements together in our everyday lives. The combination and separation of these two elements creates an aesthetically pleasing and unique exhibition.

For more information on Digital Baroque:

Joey Holder’s Digital Baroque (2012)

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